Courageous Moms

My Pastor’s wife, Martha Fry, can bring it.

Bring. It.

She speaks occasionally and never has she preached an irrelevant message. Today, however, was special. It was the kind of thing that does not come out of you or the way it did without Jesus spilling out and onto people.

After caring for babies during first service I made my way to the bathroom where I had a very interesting encounter. Just one woman, whom I’d never seen before, was inside. Our polite greeting turned into a conversation about death and struggle and abuse within like two minutes! She didn’t adhere to the unspoken “don’t say so much that I won’t know how to respond and feel uncomfortable” code. But I stood my ground against such thoughts and listened. Responded. Hugged. Took her hands and prayed. Afterward my heart sensed His acceptance and compassion for her…for us all.

People who are damaged and hurt struggle. Sometimes so badly that they break the code, the unwritten rules, and sloppily pour out their pain and past and disjointed thoughts into the laps of strangers.

A short while later Martha shared a message that was life-changing and one God had been preparing my heart to hear. She had a cup and as she talked about sins and wounds that bring insecurity she vigorously stabbed holes into the cup. Then she described how we all go around with our cups full of holes looking to be filled. She took a pitcher of water and kept trying to fill the cup but of course it could not be filled. We keep trying to get filled and it keeps leaking out. But Jesus wants to cover our holes so that He can fill us and overflow. My little description cannot do it justice. I encourage you to check it out, watch it on video! (People…do you know how much I love you? How looong it took for me to figure out how to get this video in my post? No, it wasn’t hard. But I like to try things 562 ways before I look it up! Smile…Enjoy Martha! You won’t be disappointed!)

Now as I enjoy this amazing weather we are having in my part of the world, I am thinking about it like this…

As moms, we spend so much energy on our kids from conception. We want to do what’s best for them:

what should I avoid while pregnant
should I work outside the home or in
should I breastfeed or use formula
how early should I start solids
do I read enough books to my preschooler
should I spank them or try time-out
what school district is best
do they know to use their manners
are they brushing their teeth adequately
will they make honor roll
am I yelling too much

On and on it goes. We go. But what if the most courageous thing we could do for our children is face our own issues?

What if the most priceless, deeply profound and costly act of love we can give is our whole and healed life?

What if facing the holes in our cup is the greatest gift we can give our sons and daughters?

What if being a courageous mom isn’t about how hard we work in or outside of our homes, not about how put-together our kids appear or even how many stickers they get on the scripture memory board. What if facing our own insecurities in the safety of His nearness is the bravest and bestest thing we can do for our little people?

Imagine what we might teach them…show them. Things that long outlast charts and awards and picture-perfect Instagram and FB posts. We can change their future as God changes us.

You are a courageous mother. I know it. Let’s do it together.

Even if it’s sloppy and breaks the code and spills out a bit awkwardly.


One thought on “Courageous Moms

  1. Awesome . I also thought as I read once God heals us those same holes we had from pain can then be used to pour out the love of God to other hurting people , just as you do in your blogs by being real and transparent if just one other person may be encouraged in hope in Jesus Christ.

    Thank you


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