Tapestry of Honor

1 Samuel 26:22-24 (the message)
David answered, “See what I have here? The king’s spear. Let one of your servants come and get it. It’s God’s business to decide what to do with each of us in regard to what’s right and who’s loyal. God put your life in my hands today but I wasn’t willing to lift a finger against God’s anointed. Just as I honored your life today, may God honor my life and rescue me from all trouble.”

Saul is still chasing David down in the wilderness any time he get’s a report on his whereabouts. Just before this exchange, David and one of his men sneak down into Saul’s camp while everyone is sleeping. They take Saul’s spear and water jug, lying right beside his sleeping head! David’s cohort encourages him to go ahead and kill the king, but David refuses.

Instead, David climbs a hill nearby and calls over to Saul and his men. As I read the verses above this morning I think most certainly God honored David’s life and rescued him from many troubles! And I believe the reason is rather simple, really.

David honored God above all.

More than once David had the opportunity to kill Saul…be rid of this crazy wilderness-and-running life he was forced into. But regardless of the wrong against him, David  still viewed Saul as God’s anointed, his “chosen” man for the time being. More than once David declared  it would be by God’s hand that Saul was removed, not by his own.

Interesting to me. Because truly God did put Saul in David’s grasp. But I think perhaps He wanted to see David’s heart, his character.

Sometimes people hurt us. Sometimes things get a little crazy. Sometimes we burn with the desire to lash out and have our say or our way in the matter. From every other view it seems fair that we do. But this morning I am reminded that it is God’s business to decide. It is our business to trust and honor Him.

See, no matter how hard Saul tried and how close he came, he never could capture David. Why? Because God would not allow it! God’s hand was on David’s life and so even though he lived in less than ideal circumstances and put up with a lot of junk for a while, he could not be deterred from his destiny.

Because He chose to honor even when he was dishonored.

Maybe as you read this your heart reflects on someone who has/is mistreating you. It’s blatantly wrong and unfair. You have every right, in the eyes of your own cohorts, to strike back. An opportunity may arise that seems like the perfect, God-sent chance for you to put that person in their place, so to speak. You might find yourself standing, spear in hand, battling the riptide of hate and hurt in your heart because of what you have suffered.

But you have another choice. You can choose to trust and honor God even as another dishonors you.

Choose to trust that really, it is His to decide. He is just and righteous! God sees your situation and promises to defend and protect you as you honor Him above all others, including yourself. So many times we negate His help and power in our circumstances because we take the matter into our own hands, we make emotional choices that He will not honor in our lives.

We can choose to do the right thing, regardless of how hard it may seem at first, because we trust the judgements and decisions of our God. We can learn to view the people who hurt us apart from the pain they cause. People are merely…people.

But God is God. There is no one like Him! A sparrow does not fall to the earth and He doesn’t take notice. When we learn to trust and honor Him above all, we will live out a destiny that’s greatness far overshadows the puny choices others make against us.

Let us not sacrifice the legacy of honor and life-change that God wants for us to leave…

Let’s not toss aside the power and purpose that flows in our lives as we honor Him above all…

Let’s not listen more intently to well-meaning cohorts who unknowingly encourage us to honor ourselves above God…

Let’s not choose the momentary gratification of revenge and punishment over the fulfillment and joy of seeing God intervene on our behalf…

Today, no matter who has hurt you or how they did it, choose to honor God above it all. Respond to the call to trust whispering in your own heart.

His decisions are good. They are final.

And He is never wrong or late or half-way about it.

Our legacy is weaved inside a tapestry of honor…


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