The Blueprint

2 Samuel 5:9-10 (the message)
David made the fortress city his home and named it “City of David.” He developed the city from the outside terraces inward. David proceeded with a longer stride, a larger embrace since the God-of-the-Angel-Armies was with him.

As I sat on the porch with my Bible this morning, my heart soaked in the scripture above. Like the rain coming down around me, the whisper and presence of my Father filled my thirsty heart.

David oozed God-confidence.

A longer stride, a larger embrace.

But it was rooted in His God. This God who chose him as a young worshipper on hillsides…this God who emboldened  him with power as he confronted Goliath…this God who gave him favor with Saul’s people and children…this God who yet tested him in years of cave-dwelling and wilderness-running…this God who delivered him again and again and again…Whose voice and touch was always a breath away.

David’s heart pumped with an assurance that was not only admirable, but necessary. His confidence did not grow from what he knew he could do, it blossomed because of what David knew God could, and said He would, do.

A God-doubting David could not develop the City…protect and strengthen God’s people…prepare the way for Messiah.

David was sure of God’s voice in his life. The many years that had passed between them, the desperate pleas, guidance given and joyful gratitude made for something real and tangible. It developed in David the substance and stuff of boldness. Unapologetically doing and being who God made him to be.  I mean, y’all! He named a city after himself!

So how about us?

Perhaps today we might stop and listen for His voice. Grow more familiar with the sound of it, the feel of it, as it comes to rest gently on our hearts. Maybe today is a great day to evaluate our own city.

The first thing David did was establish his city’s boundaries. He named it “City of David,” found his way to the outer most parts and worked his way in. Because David clearly understood what belonged in his city, he was then able to develop the inside with confidence and power.

What’s in your city? Do you have boundaries established inside your mind and heart? Do you recognize the voice of the One who wants to empower the development of your city?

I took a few minutes to ponder my city. The City-of-Vanessa. What’s inside my territory? What do I know for sure God has given me to steward and manage in my life? To “reign” over in a humility and boldness that comes as I recognize His power in my life?

See, if I can’t hear Him, if I don’t take time to listen, I might not have any boundaries. I might think any and everything that comes my way is part of my territory. My stuff to manage. And I might miss amazing things because I’m everywhere, or no where, all at once.

May I share my own heart’s encouragement with you today?

When His voice becomes personal and powerfully sweet in our lives, our God-confidence and willingness to confront the impossible grows exponentially.

I dare you to hear me: If all of the stuff in your city is completely “do-able” without God-of-the-Angel-Armies at your side, then you are perhaps missing His voice.

He loves taking our unique lives, our open hands, and placing within them something audacious.

As we grow more confident in God and the territory given us, we can’t be deterred. Won’t back down. Won’t succumb to fear, doubt or negativity. Because a truth firmly embedded in our spiritual DNA overcomes the enemy…

It’s not about us.

We can never measure our territory based on our abilities. We learn the boundaries of our city as we lean into and against the Limitless One.

Whatever God has assigned to you, called you to oversee and develop within your city, it’s supposed to be bigger than you.

Don’t be deterred if it’s scary. It’s supposed to make other people scratch their heads and doubt. Call attention to the One behind the scenes.

In developing cities hurting people see Jesus coming in a longer stride…feel hope in our larger, ever-ready embrace.

After all, loving on people is the blueprint for all of our cities.

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