Like A Laser

Matthew 4:24 (the message)
He also healed people of their diseases and of the bad effects of their bad lives. Word got around the entire Roman province of Syria. People brought anybody with an ailment, whether mental, emotional or physical. Jesus healed them, one and all.

This morning I asked God, if he wanted me to write today, to put something on my heart that would be specific. Tag someone’s heart like a laser.

He also healed people of their diseases and of the bad effects of their bad lives.

These are the words that caught at my heart.

I know what it’s like to live with the bad effects of bad choices.

To struggle with my past. To believe I am forgiven but dare not hope for more.

Do you relate?  Deep inside, do you feel stuck? Are you still taking it on the chin because you know it’s your doing…you recognize things would be different if you had been different?

Word got around

When people get around Jesus they end up with a story to tell.

I’m writing out of my story.  A woman who went from good church-girl to broken, messy sinner-girl.  A woman who tried again to be good church-girl but couldn’t really shake sinner-girl and so I gave up and discovered Just-Plain-Loved-Girl.

It might be your fault.
Maybe it’s absolutely your doing.
Perhaps you knew exactly what you were doing…and did it anyway.
I’ll even say maybe Holy Spirit stirred your heart to make a different choice and you shut Him down.

Jesus still wants to heal your life.

Am I suggesting Heavenly fairy dust will make everything different in a day?


But I am telling you…because it’s my story, too…that Jesus can heal your heart, release you of shame and fill you with hope.

Are you dissatisfied…desperate even? Enough so that you’ll crack open your Bible and read it, search with a hungry heart, to know what Creator has to say about you? Does your neediness outweigh your pride…so that you’ll open your heart and tell Jesus the most honest truth and then listen?

Hopelessness breeds bitterness. I know about it.

But then one day the lyrics of a Kim Walker song touched my own heart like a laser…

I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way He loves us

Do you need hope?  Release from your burden?

I’m praying you discover the way He loves you.  Not that He loves you, but the way He loves you.

It’s more than a good sermon.  More than a Bible study topic.

It makes you let go of regret and plunges you into the substance of freedom…


Grace flies in the face of accusation.

Grace bleeds in your place.

Grace is the road Creator paved so that He could walk with you all the days of your life.

So, my friend. If you are stuck today in regret and hopelessness, this one is for you.

God isn’t finished with you. Ever.


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