Alive In Me


I’ve never called for You and You didn’t answer
I’ve never looked for You and couldn’t find You
I’ve never needed Your help and You didn’t give it
I’ve never been in a pit so deep You couldn’t pull me out
I’ve never reached for Your hand and You pulled away
I’ve never hung my head in shame and You didn’t lift it
I’ve never whispered Your name and evil didn’t flee
I’ve never been so lost that You couldn’t–wouldn’t–look for me
I’ve never hurt so much and You wouldn’t hold me
I’ve never needed forgiveness and You didn’t give it
I’ve never nearly lost hope and You didn’t renew it
I’ve never craved Your comfort and You didn’t sit with me
I’ve never longed for Your friendship and You left me lonely
I’ve never broken into pieces and You didn’t take time to gather me
I’ve never run so hard and You didn’t run harder to catch me
I’ve never hardened my heart and Your love didn’t melt me to surrender
I’ve never leaked so many tears that didn’t meet the tips of Your fingers
I’ve never bent low from loss and You didn’t gently lift my burden
I’ve never looked up at Impossible Mountain and You didn’t make it crumble
I’ve never felt fear without and You didn’t remind of Greater within

I’ve never been at peace…never lived whole…never exhaled relief…never known healing…except at Your feet. I’ve never known ugly and crushed and You couldn’t recreate beautiful. I’ve never not needed You. Never could truly discard You. Never part ways with You. 

You follow me all the days of my life.

You sing over me in the still of the night.

You make all things new, again and again.

You are as real and close as my heart wants to see.

I’ve never known better–will never know better– than You alive in me.

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