The Great Witness

Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth;
all the stages of my life were spread out before you…

Recently I learned that an extended family member asked Christ into his life.

It made me stop and think. Stop and remember.

God chases us. Loves each of us and knows our individual story…knows what it takes to reach us inside of that story.

Psalm 139 (the message) says the stages of our lives are spread out before Him. Never does he look at who we are on one day and forget all of the other days. God knows the whole story. Every stage.

I love that.

Because only God understands the weaving of our tapestry, He alone knows which stitch will unravel our resistance. Bring about our wholeness.

Usher salvation into our story.

I am encouraged.

I hope you are, as well.  No matter where you might find yourself today…whichever stage of life…remember Creator knows your story and understands you better than you understand yourself. He knows just how to reach out and touch your life. Creator knows the language of your heart.

He is always speaking.  Chasing.  Pursuing.

Never has our God been deterred by a lack of response or a lengthy conversation.

We are never too old, never too broken, never too guilty and certainly never too lost to be found.

Others may not always understand the lines they read of our lives, but our Maker understands.

Creator the great witness to every letter inside every word on every page.

How He longs to be part of our story.  How beautiful an ending when He is.


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