Why The Biebs Almost Made Me Cry

It was on the last curve of carpool lane.

Leah was strapping on her backpack while a local morning show discussed Justin Bieber crying at the end of his performance recently on the Video Music Awards.  I’m gonna tell you guys straight away.  We don’t do cable since we met and married Netflix so I don’t see this stuff.

But we all know The Biebs.

A few months ago the girls and I actually watched a documentary about how he was discovered.  He was seriously just a kid.

So my ears perk up and I’m waiting to hear why in the world Justin Bieber was crying in front of everyone!  Gene and Julie then play a clip from an interview with Jimmy Fallon where he explains that he cried because he hadn’t expected the crowd’s support…the last time he performed at an awards show he was booed.  I was taken off guard by such an honest, revealing answer.

My eyes burned with tears and Leah asked me why.

Leah, Justin Bieber is just human, that’s all.  And like everyone else in this world he wants to feel loved and accepted. He doesn’t want to be rejected.

I’m pretty sure the VMA crowd is a fickle one, at best.  Encouragement offered today might be yanked away tomorrow.  What he found on stage that night will not last forever because it came from other broken, scuffed-up humans.

The  tears he cried reveal his need.

Jesus — Tired and dusty feet, stop at the well, befriend the outsider, dare them to throw the first stone, raise the dead — Jesus.

The One who slips the burden from our shoulders and flings it as far as the east is from the west.
The One who calms the storm of need inside our soul.
The One who sees beyond our packaging, our labels, our failures or even our achievements straight into our heart.

So that’s why The Biebs almost made me cry.

Cause I get the broken, needy human thing.

I get needing Jesus.


3 thoughts on “Why The Biebs Almost Made Me Cry

  1. Honestly, when I feel emotional for a celebrity like Brittany Spears or Tom Cruise, or even “the Biebs”, I end up brushing away those feelings as silly and insignificant. When I have shared thoughts about this subject in the past I have literally been laughed at. It really did not hurt me in any way and I was ok with it, but then I wondered, why do we not see that these people are real? They need prayer just like I do. They need love. They need forgiveness. They need Jesus. I wonder what would happen if we prayed for the rich, famous and influential just as though they were a member of our local church or community? We all need a Savior.
    Thank you for sharing this. Maybe I’m not so crazy and goofy after all. (Or, at the very least, I have some company now 😉 )


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